I have had a really bad fever for the past week which is why I haven’t been active in this time. The fever comes and goes and sucks all the energy out of my body. Walking gets tough and there was a time that I found myself panting for air while drinking water. I was determined (some would say obsessed) to give my book to my college teachers though. This made me travel for an hour to give it to them but it was worth it I believe. They appreciated it a lot and showed me a lot of support. I did have to leave some classes to take care of myself but I will catch up soon enough hopefully.

I also have something huge lined up for my blog from mid-August to late September and I will update you on that early next week. As a teaser, if you thought my book was informative then the stuff coming up in the next few days will be as twice as much more informative than the last one. If you want to learn about previously unseen aspects of mental health, stay tuned to my blog!

So in short, Fever; weakness; book; obsession; teachers; praise; big blog event. That covers it all.

Hasta la Vista muchachos felicidad grande me gusta compadre

Okay so I don’t know what that means but I hope it means,

“Goodbye for now friends, see you again soon. Stay strong and don’t forget to smile!”