Working career of Women

Women have to face a lot of pressures in their daily lives. In an orthodox society, the pressures increase manifold and it becomes even tougher if the woman wishes to have a job. The struggles of a woman’s life don’t end just there. Even in jobs, women have to face discrimination and have to work harder or authoritatively to be given the respect commanded by male peers.

It was found in a study that women in industry scored the lowest on scales of well being which are multi-pronged. Women who are in teaching scored the least. This could be down to the fact that teaching is a profession that is pretty widely accepted as a good job for a woman. The woman teacher archetype has found its place across various cultures and times.

Pressures on a Woman

Women have to face a lot of extra pressures in their professional careers when compared to men. They are in a way considered secondary to their male colleagues in the same team. The wage gap has been studied extensively and there are various social movements across the globe to ensure equal pay for equal work. Personally, I don’t agree with various principles on how this wage gap is measured but it is true that in some industries, the wage gap exists for real.

Women also have to be more firm and somehow need to assert their dominance over their employees. In an ideal world such issues wouldn’t be a problem but we live in a world far from ideality and the fact that men and women aren’t equal biologically spills over into the social context and people use that to justify social and political discrimination of women.

Rampant Harassment of Women

The news of a woman being harassed at her office isn’t something new or rare. Superiors court sexual favors in exchange for appraisals or promotions and yet, expect to get away with it. The victims who speak out are often blamed and questioned over their own motives behind the allegations.

At this point, I feel that it is necessary I point out that this is because there are many women who have also misused the law, which was supposed to empower them, to take advantage of, or blackmail men. The actions of a few bad apples bring down the struggles of the whole populace and end up degrading a wider movement.

Some Positives for Working Women

Having a professional career isn’t all that bad for women. In a study across strongly conservative households, it was found that women who have a job actually score higher on mental well being scales than women who stay home.

This may be down to the fact that conservative families tend to belittle women and the role they play in society. While working, women get the chance to interact with fellow employees, contribute to a greater cause and receive the appreciation of the work they put in.

It is hence clear that the mental health of working women isn’t as good as their fellow male colleagues but it is true that they find themselves in a better situation of mental wellness than women of conservative households. The choice hence, sadly, becomes the one between  the better bads rather than the better goods.