September of 2018 brings with it the winds of My Friend Alexa. A blogging campaign by the people over at Blogchatter. Since I have been a part of this campaign before, I thought I should share some tips and tricks on how to go about it.

My Story

So last year I was looking to take my blog to the next level. I was looking around for opportunities and up stepped Blogchatter with their #MyFriendAlexa campaign. It was the first blogging campaign I was a part of and boy was it a learning curve.

How to prepare for it

So before you get on to the long reading journey that this campaign is, you need to have some basic settings. You need to link your wordpress account to your social media accounts (at least the twitter one). You can read how to do that in this article.

You also need to install the Alexa toolbar to your browser. You can check how to do that here.

How does the Alexa rank work?

Alexa rank mostly works on the basis of the visitors and traffic you receive but also depends on how much you interact with other blogs. It also depends on the responsiveness and speed of your website. Some consider the rank irrelevant but it is the most commonly used ranking tool in the world right now.

How to go about it?

So some time before 1st September, you will receive a mail having the whole calendar listing out which blogs we have to read on each day. Last year there were 4 blogs a day but I’m guessing this year it will be somewhere around 7 blogs a day. It does mean that the challenge will be harder but just think about how much traffic you will get when 200+ bloggers descend on your blog in one day.

Tips and Tricks

Leave a comment on each article as well but make sure it is something relevant and effective. Don’t write comments like “Great piece!”, “Wonderful” or something like that.

It doesn’t really prove you read the article. You have to share what you thought when you read it. I didn’t learn this until the second week of the challenge and realized how idiotic my previous comments sounded.


My friend Alexa has emerged as one of the biggest blogging campaigns in India. This year it’s going to be much bigger and much harder but harder the challenge, the greater the glory in overcoming it. You’ll end it with more traffic but more importantly, with more blogging buddies and connections; and that is something no rank can evaluate.

All the best everyone!