He was a good man. I remember how he was always ready to help whoever he could. He was a good man. He is dead now. I had never seen a kinder soul. I always pictured him with a smile. Once, I was in serious need of money and he didn’t think one second before taking his wallet. He was a good man. Now he is dead. I wonder why he took his life.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Last year I had talked about the misconceptions of suicide and the deadly Blue Whale Challenge. Today I wish to talk about something simpler than that. I am not going to throw any numbers at you. Neither am I going to tell you facts from scientific researches. Today’s post is going to be appeal right from my heart.

Why do we not say what we feel/think?

As the story above portrayed, why don’t we tell people what we think about them; when they can hear it? Why do we have to wait until something huge happens before we can say something we think?

People die by suicide every day. They reach a level of misery and self-hatred that they believe dying is easier than living. We end up hearing eulogies talking about how amazing they were, about how kind they were and how widely loved they were. Why don’t we give the people we are talking about a chance to hear that? Why are we so afraid of complimenting someone?

We think a lot about the people around us. We have an opinion about every one of them but we hardly ever say it. Why? Is it because they didn’t ask for it? People don’t usually ask for compliments, at least not directly. I would actually understand if you have a negative opinion of someone. We are afraid of criticizing others but why are we afraid of complimenting people?

Sometimes one bit of positivity can change a terrible day into a better one. We are afraid of what the other person would think of us and thus we stop ourselves from saying anything. We need to stop doing that.

Say what you feel.

It could actually save a life. Maybe not directly but it will be a ray of positivity in a dark pit.

Saving lives doesn’t always have to be about running into a burning building and pulling someone out. You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life either. Sometimes it could be as simple as saying,

“You’re a good man.”


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