Hey everyone!

It is my birthday today (7 October) and I just turned 21! People say that it is all downhill after 21 but I don’t see my life going anywhere but upwards from here.

So for this birthday, I am giving a gift to myself and you can play an important role in that. As you know my mind often plays a lot of games on me and makes me question my achievements and work. It also makes me wonder whether there is any point in doing so much work if I’m not getting any recognition or making an actual impact on people. So what I need you to is write a comment or send a message about how my blog has impacted you (if it has) and how it has changed your way of thinking about mental illnesses.

I’ll arrange all of them in a neat little chart that will help me feel better whenever my brain starts playing games. At least that is how it would work in theory. So comment below and help me gift myself!

Another big news is that I will be collaborating with the Global Shapers Community on Mental Health Day, 10 October 2018. I will share the link to that on my instagram and twitter handles. (@_knightofsteel). I’ll also cover the Mental Health Festival by Mental Health Foundation India at AIIMS, New Delhi. I hope to get some really interesting insight into the perspectives on mental health there.

And for the biggest news of the night,

I will be compiling the 50 blogs from my 50 in 50 challenge into my 2nd book under the title, ‘Mental Health Around Us‘. Here is the cover for it.

This will be my second book after the well acclaimed, ‘A-Z of Mental Health’.

My YouTube channel will be active as well as I try to balance a yardstick while walking on a tightrope. You can visit it and subscribe for more info on the same. www.youtube.com/c/knightofsteel.

So that’s all for the day. That is another lap around the sun completed and now we move on to the next one with new energy and more ambition.

Thank you and stay tuned!