I have just finished compiling the work from the Mental Health Festival by MHF, India and there are some amazing interviews coming up for you from some of the brightest minds in India as well as the young volunteers working to make India a more healthy and inclusive place.

Here is the roster for the coming weeks,

An interview with the President of Mental Health Foundation, India, Dr. Binod Kumar. (Blog + YouTube)

He is one of the most learned people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and the fact he gave a inexperienced youngster like me 15 minutes of his time speaks highly of him. There will be an interview transcript on the blog and videos on YouTube including the unedited, raw footage.

MHF Volunteers on Mental health in India (YouTube)

The many volunteers at the festival on 10th October 2018 were exhibiting admirable dedication to the cause and I capture their thoughts in a short video on my YouTube channel.

When I Missed My Family (Blog)

A small, personal anecdote from my trip to Udaipur when I felt something I didn’t know I had never felt.

City Palace of Udaipur: A Short Story (Blog)

Another one from my trip to Udaipur where I talk about what I saw when visiting the City palace of Udaipur including a special appearance from a dedicated individual.

Who Am I? (Blog)

A personal post where I talk about what I see as my role in the field of mental health awareness and how it might be changing over time.

TMS: A New Way To Treat Depression (Blog + YouTube)

I talk to neuropsychologist, Tejasvini Sinha on the prospects of TMS treatment and how it can bridge the gap between ECT and psychotropic drugs using magnetic waves.

Taking Mental Health to Grassroots (Blog + YouTube)

I talk to members from Lady Irwin College who have created novel ways to take mental health to the slum areas and help create awareness about mental health to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the access to mental health care.

Interview with Kainaz Jussawala. (Blog + YouTube)

I speak to best selling author, Kainaz Jussawala who wrote Coffee Days, Champagne Nights and Other Secrets on mental health and how she relates to it.

And so much more…

There is a lot more than just this yet to come and these are truly exciting times for me in the field of mental health.

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