Here’s what they say
It is all a game of the mind.
The depression, the anxiety, the mania, the panic,
The absolute terror that he finds.
the hallucinations and delusions,
the hurt and the sinking feeling,
and the sudden urge to eat and throw up,
His body and head reeling,
the fear of a body that no one will accept,
the complete avoidance of food for that,
His complete lack of social life and
His fear in all situations
With people and parties
The dread of contact//

It is all a game of the mind, they say.
It’s not a child’s toy for fuck’s sake!
What do you want, what will you take?
He just needs to stop thinking about it.
Just flip the switch of ‘being sad’ to OFF,
it will all really go away.
It isn’t a nightlight,
It is here to stay//

A mental illness would mean he is retarded which of course, he isn’t.
Negativity can be chased away with meditation and nature.
He is just avoiding life and its responsibilities
and refusing to accept the failures.
He needs to grow up,
They know the best so it must be true.
He doesn’t have friends because he is never ready to talk
If that is what satiates you.
He is shy, an introvert, reserved.
Social anxiety is a MYTH.
Honestly, were you ever a teenager?
This would be good time to call bullshit//



Written by Shivanshi Bhadouria. You can find more of her work on