Hi everyone,

Remember a few days back when I wrote about the promo by Hotstar which trivialized OCD as a trend? Well, I wrote to the people over at Hotstar through various mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, My Blog and various other social websites and it turns out they have taken the ad down both from TV and YouTube!

The people at Hotstar were quick to respond and I’m glad they decided to take it down.

Also, my second book, which was due in December has been delayed because I have decided to break the manuscript down and build it back up almost from scratch. I decided this when I was reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. The book was really easy to understand and the way Dawkins explained his arguments left me in awe of the man. I will try my humble best to emulate his presentation and hope to get my points across to everyone.

This new face of the project really excites me.

Thank you and keep reading,

Arjun Gupta

The Knight of Steel