Hey everyone!
I know I have not posted for a while but I was going through my college exams and now that they are done, I can get back to my blogging. During these exams, I had a really interesting idea while travelling in my car.

I was listening to the radio and I heard people talking to the Jockeys about their problems in their relationship or career or family and it brought an idea into my mind. What if she gave these jockeys basic training in counselling skills so that they could be more effective and well informed?

The radio offers an anonymous way to talk to someone you trust about your personal thought or emotion issues and the radio jockey, if well trained and informed can have more impact on a person who calls them instead of a counsellor who is pushed onto a person by their family.

I am discussing this proposition with some radio jockeys in New Delhi area but it can be spread to various other parts of the country as well. This course could be of para-counselling or counselling depending on the time the people are willing to devote to it and it could end up being really helpful to everyone involved.

A major issue with people who have mental health issues is getting them to talk to people they trust or feel comfortable with. Often this role goes to family members or close friends but it should be our duty to equip the people who are trusted with the best knowledge to help.
Let me know what you think about this and how I should approach it. I will look forward to what you think.