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When coming across a major population, the sole reason for anxiety surrounds the way one handles life. We as humans have evolved long enough, but still, shatter ourselves on a lot of pressure. What accounts to these kinds of pressures, is still a mystery, but we can always be asked as to what lies beneath one’s own soul. Once in a while, ask yourself where you are heading and what you can do to conquer the fear and anxiety.
Rejuvenate yourself on the grounds of self-realization, and go ahead of the general rule.

Think about the past!

Did you actually end on the right path? All these years, asking yourself about what you are doing is not the right question, instead what you did in past is a liking.
Often we as humans, tend to go on a flow, do things that were never meant for us. But current situations never let us feel that. It is only through a glimpse in past that we can know where and what has been wrong for years. This can be a major effect for relieving the stress. Once you know, if the path you took is right and gives you profound happiness all these years, there’s no room for stress. On the contrary, if all these years there’s a single disappointment, you may largely face hardships. The answer lies solely in the past.

The best work!

Have you been doing the best in your life still account to a lot of tension? At times this happens to a lot of people but goes unnoticed. Often only growth doesn’t account to the best in our life. Money, position or a particular work can only be beneficial if you enjoy it. When did you last have the willingness to start a Monday with a curiosity? If not, the work isn’t something you largely enjoy. Its just a part of your life where you swipe in to get the product at the end of a month. This product, mostly accounts to monetary benefits, will yield you only expenditure and not peace. When you want to relieve and rejuvenate yourself, you may want to have to reinvent your idea of peace.

Reliable companionship.
We, humans, tend to communicate. This communication further establishes a bond, which within time can give us either a great life or a stressed mindset. Choosing the right partner is never within us, we always get attracted to people without knowing what and how they are. Still, with the right person beside us, a lot of things tend to get easier reducing the complexity. No matter who stands beside our side, a friend, a companion or even a colleague, the good ones will always give us a better inclination to connect within our own. Companionship is great when the connection is strong, and the stronger the connection the more is the self-realization. What better than realizing your self and achieve catharsis.!

Me time!
When humans evolved, they largely succeeded in ruling other living creatures. This is because of our diverse thinking, which is beyond the basic concept of science. This thinking also gives us at times the space to escape reality, because we think of consequences.
We never face ourselves, as we grow, rather let us pacify the things that need to be done.
Once in a while, give time to yourself, face your fears and needs which the world never gave you an opportunity to see. Major stress comes from the underlying issues which are buried. No one can help you to overcome them until you decide to dig them up. Listen to yourself, talk and communicate, as long as you don’t hamper anyone, being called a “maniac” who talks to self is quite fine. Taking out things which you never got out of your mind, is a great way to communicate with your soul. The answer always lies within you, you are just about to discover them when you are willing to.

Stress is a part of emotion. Emotions are varied, but each has a route to our own self. Every single emotion we experience in our life has an answer to our own soul. Once in a while, getting out of the materialistic world, and facing the emotions is a great way to purify yourself. After all, the usual things that we crave for are short-lived. Our soul is the only thing that goes with us when we die. So let us purify the single thing that we get to live with since the advent of our birth and cherish it.