2018 is coming to an end and with it is a year where I have made great progress as a human being and as a blogger. In January this year, I had started a remote internship to have more experience with content creation and how the big leagues worked. In my college, I also joined Gender Champions, a group of people who are supposed to improve gender equality in the college campus. Since the project of Gender Champions was directly under the Women Development Cell, I was really excited to join another social cause that promotes equality. Despite these developments, it was not until April that the year really started taking off for me.

I participated in the annual blogging challenge A-Z challenge which involves 1 month of continuous blogging with breaks only on Sundays. It is a global challenge and it helped me reach a wider audience and get to know different perspectives in the field of mental health and personal wellness. I made some life-long connections and made my first few blogging friends. After the challenge ended, Blog Chatter, a community of bloggers in India encouraged me to publish an eBook which could be a collection of blogs that I had written or some previously created content. I chose to publish all 26 of my blogs for my first book titled ‘The A-Z of Mental Health’. Since it was the first time I was doing this, I created a very rudimentary and simple cover but later upgraded it when I learned the tricks of the trade.

nee cover.jpg

The next big thing in my life came in June during the college summer break. I had been working out really hard in the gym and that was where I decided to find a publisher for my eBook. With collaboration of Earth Vision Publications in Gurugram, my eBook was converted into a paperback novel that was around 110 pages long. It felt like I was a real author for the first time when I got the author copies of the same. During this break, I also decided to move to a new platform and turned to YouTube to carry my message of mental health awareness. Ever since the first video was published in July, I have gained around 175 subscribers and it has become an integral part of my journey.

In August, I decided to challenge myself and my limits as a blogger. I took up the 50 in 50 challenge where I had to post for 50 days straight with no breaks. The challenge took a lot out of me and pushed me right to limits but I came out a winner in the end when I finished it in October, around a week before my birthday. The YouTube channel had been going on side by side as well which makes me wonder about how I managed to do all those things in that little time. I also decided to publish my second book which was going to be a collection of the 50 blogs. I made a cover for the same and was in the process of finalizing the manuscript when I came across a book titled ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins.


The book changed how I looked at the non-fiction genre and made me think that I couldn’t possibly be publishing a collection of blogs and calling myself a blogger when books of this quality existed as well. It made me rip up the original manuscript of the book and recreate it. This time with more purpose, direction and structure. The book is in development right now and I am very glad to share the synopsis of the book and a tentative index of the same to show the gargantuan scope of the new book and why I am so excited for it.

Book Synopsis

While mental health is an important social and psychological issue, there is hardly any literature in the mainstream that talks about various aspects of mental health and how we need to tackle them as a society and as an individual. Mental health care and awareness is currently largely disorganized not just in India but across the world. This book is an effort to unite the various mental health professionals, patients and activists under one banner and initiate a struggle to improve the care of the mentally ill and their treatment in a social setting. The book is loaded with facts, stats and arguments about why mental health is an important issue not just for an individual but for a community. It is a journey from the history of mental health care and treatment to the definition of the very basic concept of ‘mental health’. It tackles the arguments raised against mental health awareness and summarizes the current situation and challenges faced by the mental health community. A possible future course of the same and its development in the years to come concludes this power backed book. This book is going to change how the general public looks at and understands mental health.



2018 is ending on a really positive note for me and it has been a good year through out. Let us see what is in store for 2019, although, I have a feeling it has something even better brewing.