NEW DELHI- A 17-year-old boy who had been struggling with depression for 3 years has been cured after his distant uncle told him to take responsibility for his actions.

Anmol, a 12th class student preparing for Engineering entrance exams had been visiting a psychiatrist for 3 years. He was on anti-depressants for the last 10 months. He was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, but everything changed when he was visited by his uncle from the USA.

“I just told him to take responsibility for his actions. You know there are kids out there, trying to be victims and not blaming themselves enough. I am just trying to make them feel guiltier about themselves.” The Uncle was quoted as saying.

“I couldn’t believe it. The change in him was instant.” His mother exclaimed as she saw her kid jumping around the house for the first time in 5 years. “It was life-altering. All this time I had been blaming myself and feeling like s**t. My uncle just made me feel worse and it was like fire beating fire.” Said Anmol as he chucked his medicines out of the window and followed them out the same to catch them, ultimately becoming un-alive in the process.

*This is a piece of satire and is not meant to be taken literally. *