February 13, 2019

Today, in 2017, I tried to die by suicide. My life would have ended there. I wouldn’t have met everyone I gave a chocolate to today. I wouldn’t have made them laugh or smile. I would have stopped existing. 

Today, I’m glad I didn’t do that. I’m thankful to everyone I have met in these 2 years and I’m happy I could put a smile on your face today. There was a time when I was surrounded by misery and now I try to spread as many smiles as possible. 

It hauntingly seems like just yesterday but when I look around, I know things have changed and so have I. From an emotionally numb meat suit to an author, a blogger, a friend, a boyfriend, a brother and a son. This journey has been wonderful and all of you have made it a thing of beauty.

February 14, 2019

2 years ago, today, I made a short post on Facebook about the severe depression I was going through. It was a last-ditch effort because I didn’t know what else I could do.

No other form of treatment had worked, and I needed something to light that spark within me. Fortunately, the people close to me did exactly that. I didn’t expect a lot but it was in those non-existent expectations that I found a foundation for everything that I am doing now.

I, this blog, my books, my YouTube channel and every face I have put a smile on wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the intervention everyone made.

Thank you for making me the optimist I am and thank you for doing it and not demanding anything in return ❤