Who am I?
Am I a student pretending to be an author?
Or am I a blogger trying to fit in as a student?
I sometimes ask myself this question.
What is my salutation? 

What is my label?
Which one is a fable.
It's all mixed up, It all seems so strange.
Do I belong here or is there a bigger stage?

An author, a blogger,
a student and a topper.
I am walking different paths
and sometimes I begin to wander.
I wonder,
who is Arjun Gupta?
Is he the Knight of Steel
or just a wannabe author?
Does my work matter?

I'm losing myself, 
or am I finding who I am? 

I lead a double life.
A student by day, 
A writer by night.

Different expectations, different demands.
It seems like things are always falling apart.
A writer, I'm too young.
A student, I'm too old.
How do I expect to find myself,
when I don't know my roles?

The young don't write, 
Should I dye my hair white? 
For me to be heard,
And share what I've learned 

It's getting tougher but I'm still strong.
Tired but singing my song,
writing my wrongs.
I will go on.
Walk on.
Talk on.

For when greatness is at the door,
We must always ask why?
After all, Who the hell am I?