8 months ago I took on a challenge that I never thought I could complete. I decided to blog 50 times in 50 days. Little did I know that that challenge would end up giving me the impetus to write my second book.

I had just published my first book and was hungover from it. It felt like I needed something more challenging to push my limits as a writer. I asked myself one question, “Mental health hoti kya hai?”

“What is mental health?”

A lot of thoughts ran in my mind but I always felt that I couldn’t answer the question directly. I started looking for the answer and I was surprised by how little I knew about it. I had been talking about mental health for more than a year and yet didn’t have an understanding. I felt like I needed to share this with more people. That was when my book was conceived.

I started writing and completed the first draft soon enough. It took me less than 2 months and I was about to publish my second book in the same year. Yet, I wasn’t happy. I felt like I could do more.

I decided to change everything. I ripped apart the first draft and from its debris, I started rebuilding. Yesterday, the construction work finally concluded.

It took more than 8 months. 250 days. 250 days of worrying whether it will be good enough. 250 nights of doubting the worth of my hard work. I worked on this book every day and every night.

I missed deadlines. I missed classes and I collected loads of backlog but it all felt puny when compared to the work I was doing. I knew deep within me that I needed to do this. I knew deep within that if no one else had done it then I had to.

This book took me on a journey of the complete spectrum of human emotions. It was a journey full of disappointment, rejection, self-doubt, tears, apprehension, patience and that little bit of optimism and hope that kept me going.

A few days back, I reached the destination of my journey. The last stop finally came. The last hurdle, finally overcome. 10 rounds of editing, 8 months and 1 revamp later, my book is finally complete.

SHHH! DON’T TALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH is coming soon to a bookstore near you.  

Stay Tuned