Most people are looking down on the dust trying to find their path through it. They have a set routine. A set schedule and a set way of thinking.

In order to achieve something, you need to change that. You need to think big and you need to take your chance against the odds.

Learn big. Think big. Do big.

Don’t be afraid of reading or learning about things you don’t know anything about. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot read or learn.

Whatever you’re thinking about, ask yourself, “Can I do it better? Can I do it on a larger scale? Can I take it up to another level?”

When I was at a crossroads for my blog, I had an important decision to make. I could have kept blogging as my side hobby and focused on joining the set routine of life. Graduation, Post-grad, job and then I would have spent half my life doing the same job.

I didn’t want to be bound by that.

I decided to take my blog up to another level. I started collaborating and writing more often.

Today, I am about to start the publishing process of my second book. It wouldn’t have been possible if I had chosen to just be a normal student. The best part is I am not even stopping right now. I will still ask myself the same thing I asked myself then.

“But what if I took it to the next level? Why should I not? What’s stopping me?”

Sometimes, the chains around you are constructs of your own mind.

I am shooting for the stars and you can too.

Most people are looking down on the dust trying to find their path through it but you don’t reach the stars while looking at what’s beneath you.