Contentment is the feeling of satisfaction or satiation. Ambition on the other hand is the endeavour to achieve more in life.

These two qualities while opposites are very important to achieve success in life. People often say that there are people worse off than you so you should be thankful for what you have. They try to force contentment on you when you don’t feel it. Contentment can’t be forced. It can only be felt from within.

From a young age, kids are either forced to be ambitious or content. They must be ambitious when it comes to academics. They have to always keep looking up at those better than them. When it comes to happiness though, they should always look down at those worse off than them. Why this difference?

We should be grateful for what we have but we don’t need to be content with it.

Different people want different things. How about we start letting people feel what they feel? If they are content with something, let them be. If they want something more in life, let them work for it.

Why do we have to force our feelings on others?