Depression is often called the common cold of mental illnesses. It has no universal cure and despite its widespread occurrence, it is very hard to treat. A question that one might ask is why does depression differ for everyone?

If depression was caused only because of our biology, everyone would be treated the same way because our biology is same isn’t it? The truth about depression is that it isn’t only caused by a chemical imbalance in our brain. It is a psychological and social illness too.

Depression is affected by a person’s social surroundings as well as his/her thinking process. We can try and treat the hormonal imbalance in a person’s brain as much as we want but if we don’t change our social surroundings, our thinking and our behaviour, there is no way we can treat depression for the long term.

Depression is a social illness as much as it is a psychological illness.

That is why a call for mental health awareness is a call for social change too.