Everybody dies. It is a truth of life that it is going to end at some point. There were times when I would think that if death is what I am headed to then what is the point of doing anything in life? Why try to avoid the inevitable? What is the point of something that is going to end?

It was only with time that I understood that a point in something isn’t always necessary. Our existence is statistically redundant and there is nothing wrong with that. There are so many things in the universe that are insignificant, but they are still going on.

In a galaxy far away, on a planet with an alien sun and clouds that rain diamonds, the diamonds still fall. Each of those is insignificant but each diamond still does what it does. Exist. Humans are luckier than that diamond. We can think. We can feel. We can articulate and we can question.

It is time we started using these abilities to make our lives just slight less insignificant. Even if the difference is infinitesimally small, we should do it. We should have an impact on those around us and if not to the universe, we should be significant to them.

It is true that everybody dies, but before that,

Everybody lives.