“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

Saying farewell is hard but its also important. As important as the first hello, the first adventure and the first memories of a relationship. A proper farewell completes a full circle and makes it possible to start once again. A new start all over again in a new place and at a new time.

A farewell isn’t always a party. It is also a time of emotions, conversations and the happy regret of nostalgia. Last week we had the farewell for our seniors. It was a time for sweet memories to be remembered, the bad ones to be laughed at and new ones to be looked forward to.

It was the first time in 5 years that I was part of a farewell and it was a good memory to challenge myself once again. I always shy away from dancing anywhere but this time I managed to shake my leg about in front of the whole department. It feels good to challenge yourself. To do something you have never done before.

The best part about a farewell in an academic is that its not a goodbye forever. It is more of a I’ll see you again soon. This time not as a senior but as a friend. Someone I share memories with and someone I can rely on.

To all the dance routines, songs to sing and memories to come.

Farewell look.