I’ll be honest here guys. I’m really exhausted. I had been working on one book for more than half a year and it has taken more out of me than I initially thought.

I don’t feel particularly motivated to do anything anymore. I just want to rest. I could spend a whole day just sitting in front of a screen and going to the gym if it meant my mind could get a rest.

It is thanks to my routine of waking up early, carrying my laptop and notebooks to the college, studying in college, working after college, writing when I came back home and sleeping late to keep up with the work that all my mental stamina has been consumed.

I struggle to do even the simplest of tasks. I get tired while talking to someone. I’m falling behind on my deadlines and attendance. It’s getting pretty hard. Mental exhaustion does that to a person I guess. I couldn’t complete the A-Z challenge I had taken and although that’s the least of my worries, it just shows how much this mental exhaustion is affecting me.

I just want a break. One short time away to recharge my batteries but as it stands I have exams coming up next week and once they end I’ll start with the marketing and launch of my book. It’s like the moment I finished my book the exams started, and when I finish the exams the launch process will start.

It’s all so crammed and I seriously can’t do this anymore. I don’t remember when I last had a good sleep.

When I struggle to think, my mind still works. It tells me the things it used to. Terrible things that put me through a tough time. Right now, due to my exhaustion, I struggle to keep those thoughts at bay all the time.

I’ll take a break. Visit and explore a city by myself. Go to the endless oceans or the unmountable ranges in the north. I’ll take some time off of thinking.

One thing is for sure, I’ll be back recharged and stronger than ever.