A month ago, I decided to take a break because I was too exhausted from all the writing and the blogging. Today, I am back with a greater vigour than ever before!

I will be honest and say that it hasn’t been much of a break since I was appearing in exams and keeping tabs on my book but now its all done. I have a 2-month long holiday and now I can get back to doing what I love most. Spreading awareness on mental health through my blog.

Another part of my life that has been neglected for too long is my YouTube channel. The poor little thing has been left unattended for close to 4 months now. Well, it is about to get a whole new lease of life in the next 2 months as I aim to put up at least 10 videos in the coming 8 weeks.


Regarding my book, we are just about to start the marketing campaign in a couple of weeks’ time. Cover reveal, book trailer, giveaways, coupons and so much more is yet to come. These are truly exciting times in my professional life. I will also be joining hands with various colleges in University of Delhi to make sure that my book reaches the right people.

Finally, I now have 2 months of free time that I wish to use to progress as a human being and a member of the society. I have a huge reading list for which covers topics like the two world wars, the Russian revolution, the Indian right-wing, Science non-fiction and Indian philosophy. I will keep sharing things I learn on a regular basis from these books as well.

Summer time is the time to evolve and work on the self. You could do it by reading, writing, learning, watching, talking and so much more. The doors to knowledge lead to the room of self-improvement.

When are you going to walk through these hallowed doors?