I challenged myself one day. Around this time last year, I started a project. A small idea about how I could become a better blogger and how I could push myself. At the same time, I was just getting to the point where my first book died down. I wanted to work on a second one but I didn’t know if it was the right time. I got an idea. I will write 50 blogs in 50 days. It will be a challenge. It will push me to my edge.

This is where the journey of my second book started. That moment when I thought up the challenge was when I put myself on this road. This excel sheet is where it all began.

I had no idea that small idea will lead to this day. I completed that challenge I set for myself and was thinking of turning it into a book in itself. Everything was ready. The draft was ready. The cover was prepared. I was about to submit it for publishing but something just felt wrong. It didn’t feel real, or original. I wanted something more out of my skills and so I dumped the draft, stored the cover away and got back to re-writing the whole thing.

It took a year. One year of scrambling the net for studies, researches, articles, newspaper reports, documentaries and so much more. Today, it all finally comes together. As I reveal the cover of my new book today, I can assure you that you have never read a book on mental health like this one. Trust me. For I have checked. I went through libraries, online stores, book fairs, international markets and local authors to find something similar but for nought.

Today, I can say that I truly completed something that started all that time back. A challenge that was supposed to last 50 days put me on a journey to being a more intelligent, learned and hard-working person. A year long journey that led to the road I am on today.

In this one year, “Mental Health Around Us” became “Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health”

A 20k word draft became a 50k+ word manuscript and,

Arjun Gupta the blogger became Arjun Gupta the author.

To quote Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother,

“Challenge Completed.”

Synopsis of Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health:

In the 19th year of his life, Yashasvi tried to end his life. Follow the journey of Yashasvi and millions of other people who are tormented by their own minds. This is not a self-help book. Mental health is no longer just about helping yourself. It is a movement against an invisible crisis that breeds inside our minds. A crisis that makes you question the voice in your head. Yes, the same voice that is reading this out to you.

True stories, research, statistics and facts. This book will convince you why mental health cannot be just about self-help anymore, and why people like Yashasvi need our help.


Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health