In the last month, I wrote extensively about how male depression has been an understudied phenomenon across the world in my articles. I haven’t been active on the blog since then but there is a reason for that. I have been looking into the understanding of men and how they experience depression. In the last year of my college, I had the option of writing a research paper under the supervision of a senior and being who I am, I jumped at the opportunity.

I knew what I wanted to look into. Male Depression. It was just a matter of how I went about it. With consultations with my supervisor, I started looking into the research that had happened so far and it was shockingly non existent in India. There had only been one research on this topic in India.

One research.


All the years of psychology being practiced in India, all the psychologists looking into mental health and mental illnesses and yet there had only been one study into how men experience depression! I shouldn’t have been that surprised. When I was researching for my book, Shhh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health, I had found that research in India into the avenue of mental illness is itself very low.

So, I have decided to dedicate the next four months of my life to understanding how men experience and express depression. It is also important to have a comparison with women so that we can understand where the difference really lies. It is an important question that I am trying to answer and an important answer that lies at the end of it. Its just a matter of whether I can catch it or not.

This is my new project now, I guess. A kind of research that has never been done before in India. Lets see whether I can get the answer I am seeking or not.