***Read at your own risk. Profanity and Strong Language used.***

The thing about zombies is that you have to bury them again once you kill them. Some would say that its better to burn these zombies once for all to ensure they never return again but I just find a sense of satisfaction in burying something in a hole I dug myself. So, this is me, burying zombies that I have been trying rehabilitate for quite a few years now. Time for a killshot and a final rest in pieces. May they find peace wherever they are.

Ever since 2017, there have been zombies in my life who I have known since my childhood. They weren’t always the zombies they are. They used be alive and vibrant members of the community but death is sadly a disease that comes for us all. Vibrance rests. Colours fade away and just like that the living turn into dead pieces of meat.

Well, sometimes you want the dead to not be so, so much that you will them back into existence but its never the same again. Maybe zombies lose their souls or maybe they end up passing over into the afterlife never to come back again as they had always been. I was stupid in 2017. Thinking I could turn the zombies back into what they were, that if I was kind enough and happy enough, they would be back to what they always used to be but things seldom work out the way you want them to.

Finally, after 3 years of fruitless exercise, its time to bury these zombies back where they belong. You cannot fix a bridge that has lost its suspension wires no matter how strong the foundations are. In that situation, you might as well burn the whole thing down rather than wonder where it all went wrong and what you can do to fix it. And that’s what I am doing.

So, let’s make it clear, if you have known me well enough since before 2017, know that this is one bridge that is not going to get formed again. I have tried. I have done what I could but I’m sorry about having to bury you back to where you belong. It’s the only way I can build something new. I’m not destroying every single bridge though. I will even let some of the zombies exist in my life as long as they don’t get in my way but the bridges that were the strongest and the most important to me before 2017, yeah they are definitely gone.

You’re dead, once and for all, never to come back again. It’s nothing personal. (Okay well, maybe it is but who cares)

Basically, what I am saying is,

I am well and truly out