I started writing this blog around 1755 days ago when I was in the deep throes of clinical depression and was trying to find my way through my suicidal thoughts every single day. Slowly, this blog has developed into a lot more. I have discussed politics, psychology, philosophy and the dilemmas that I face in my everyday life and now, four hundred articles later, I think it is time to move on.

I remember when there was a time when this was the only introduction I had for myself – “Arjun Gupta, Blogger, you should check out my blog.” It goes without saying this website will always have a very special place in my heart. After all, this is the place where I wrote the first book of my life and where I once wrote 50 articles in 50 days on the trot. It is the place where I gave a voice to my dogs and a place where I unburdened some of the darkest thoughts of my mind. knightofsteel.wordpress.com has been anything but just another website for me.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I feel like I need a new challenge in my writing career. It has been months since I updated this place and the themes of this place mean that it has been months since I felt like I took on a challenge for myself. I want to have a more streamlined approach to writing. I want to tell more stories, in a better way and for a greater audience. My writing career is not over but this particular phase of life definitely is.

I will be moving to a newsletter on Substack for now where I will share deep-dive stories into Psychology, philosophy and their history. It feels like the natural next step for my career. There are nearly 2,500 people who will receive the notification of this article in their emails and if you feel like I have added something of value to your life in the last 5 years of blogging, I would invite you to join me on my Substack at https://psychwitharjun.substack.com/. It is a new space where I will be diving deep into the disciplines of Psychology and philosophy and how they impact our lives today.

The articles on this website will remain live and available for perusal for everyone.

Goodbye, everyone. Thank you so much for the memories.

This has truly been a journey of a lifetime.


Arjun Gupta,

Knight of Steel