Hey everyone. I have a lot of news to share with you. It has been a long time since I wrote a blog myself. Kal and Coco seem to have fell in love with writing and keep asking me to let them write something but we all know they are going to just be rambling and ranting about their personal problems and grudges. Anyway, getting to the point, I have some news about my future, my mental condition, where the blog is headed and some stuff in general as well.

Starting with the general stuff, Kal and Coco will be weekly guests on my blog, writing about their own life, their views and their intellectual and political philosophies with everyone. The feedback everyone has given for them has been encouraging and I assure you, you will read more from them in the future. The two seem to have carved out a niche for the personalities in the blog so “The Dog Blog” is going to continue for a while. The blog will be getting a new logo as well. It won’t be related to “The Broken Puzzle” as much as to “The Knight of Steel” so I will be reconsidering the name of the blog as well. The blog posts now will be more about rebirth and new beginnings rather than old problems.

I have reconnected to a few friends of mine from the past days, actually maybe just one or two in particular, so that has been encouraging for me as I look to get back on track and cope with my anxiety. It has actually been 5 months now since I started this blog and I am pretty happy to tell you that although there have been some up and downs but the general trend has been towards an improvement that I, personally, am proud of.

When it comes to my mental condition, I am still on some meds, but I may be slowly taken off of them as well as I continue to get better. One thing in particular I am very happy of is that in the last 10 or 12 days, I have only had to take my sleeping pills 3 times. I used to have to take these regularly in order to have a peaceful sleep but now I don’t really rely on them anymore. *Wooohooo*.

woohoo  I will have to talk about how long I have to be on the anti-depressants. I would rather have a slow tapering of the meds than having to go through another relapse on the depression. I can now say that I am better prepared to tackle any challenges I face when it comes to my mental health and will hopefully have the support of the people as well.

Last, and probably the biggest news I have. I have decided to give up on my studies for MBBS and will be moving to New Delhi soon to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in South Campus of the Delhi University. It was a hard decision to leave MBBS, I enjoyed the studies and the practicals but I have decided that I need to take things slowly and easily first before I can put myself under the kind of pressure one would face through the course of MBBS.

walking-away.jpgI would understand if some people think I am running away from a tough challenge and going for the easy way out (I think that at times as well) but I need to go easy on myself before I think about standing up to the expectations of everyone else.  I know a lot of people in New Delhi, I have some family there and in the NCR as well and I will need as much support as I can get. I don’t know how much I should expect from the people studying there but I do hope that I will get some help to settle in as I look for a place to stay and for places to hang out. I know starting a different college, a new course, all over again is going to be a challenge in itself but I do believe that this time around I am better equipped and more padded than ever before. So if you are reading this, and you live in Delhi, you could probably come to my help someday. I may have ended my association with medicine but I would still encourage students to understand and accept science and help educate the general public as well. I will still be guiding and counseling students looking to write their Pre-Medical Exam and wishing to be a doctor. So I am still available for any help you would require regarding that.

A lot of things are going to change in the next 15 days. I am not usually good at dealing with change so I will need support wherever I can get it. You could come in handy, when things are changing a lot, very quickly, even one message of support and kindness would help. So let’s look forward to positive change and adapting to new surroundings.